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"Gender Agenda: the truth about trans” with Dr Rick Thomas

Changing views of transsexuality are making waves in popular culture, politics and medicine. A 2015 parliamentary committee report called for a move away from viewing transgender identity as a disease or disorder of the mind, replacement of the present medicalised process for acquiring a gender recognition certificate with a simplified procedure based on self-declaration and a move towards the non-gendering of official records. Justine Greening, Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities, has recently announced her intention to press ahead with these reforms.

For almost 400 years Western societies have embraced a scientific understanding of the world, based on physical observations. Thus, at birth, a child's sex is determined by examining its external genitalia. Genetically males have XY sex chromosomes and females XX; anatomically males have testes and females have ovaries. Biochemically, sex hormones such as testosterone (male) and oestrogen (female) trigger the appearance of secondary sex characteristics (eg. voice, body hair distribution, menstruation). A binary system.

Most people experience congruence between their biological sex and their sense of gender identity, but for some people that congruence is lacking, sometimes from an early age, and they experience a variable degree of distress, or 'dysphoria', as a result. For some transgender persons, whilst their biological sex is not in doubt, they feel emotionally and psychologically as if they were born into the 'wrong' body. Not every 'trans' person experiences such dysphoria but for those who do it can be a very distressing condition.

Increasingly, gender is being seen as a social construct, a matter of choice. Gender identity is being portrayed as 'fluid' rather than fixed. The 'progressive' agenda is to liberate gender from biology; the new ideology insists that your felt gender identity should trump your natal sex – every cell in your body may contain the XX (female) chromosomes but if you believe yourself to be a trans man then you are in truth a man.

We face some critical questions. For the person who believes they were born into the wrong body, where does the problem lie – in their mind or their body? Should doctors advise treatment aimed at aligning the body with the mind or vice versa? What might be the consequences for society of dislocating sex and gender? Are those who hold a traditional, 'binary' view of sex and gender guilty of transphobia, a hate-crime? And, most importantly, what shall we teach our children?

Dr Rick Thomas, our speaker, and his wife Liz, lived in Worcester for over forty years before moving recently to Leeds. They both worked in caring professions, Rick as a doctor and Liz with children with special needs. In later years Rick undertook further study in bioethics and currently works as part of the Public Policy team of the Christian Medical Fellowship.

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