17th November 2017

Gender Agenda: the truth about trans

Changing views of transsexuality are making waves in popular culture, politics and medicine. A 2015 parliamentary committee report called for a move away from viewing transgender identity as a disease or disorder of the mind, replacement of the present medicalised process for acquiring a gender recognition certificate with a simplified procedure based on self-declaration and a move towards the non-gendering of official records. Justine Greening, Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities, has recently announced her intention to press ahead with these reforms.

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6th July 2017

Humanity becoming gods?: the dreams and fears of science fiction

Thursday 6th July

Science fiction is the literature of our age, questioning human origins, destiny and our relationship to what is not us, be it the universe, aliens, animals, robots that serve or…… super-intelligent cyborgs. In a “world without God”, will humans themselves become gods or become victims of their worst nightmares?

The speaker, Stephen May, science fiction fan and former lecturer in Systematic Theology at the University of Auckland, is author of Stardust and Ashes: Science Fiction in Christian Perspective (1998)


10th February 2017

Rise of the Intelligent Machines.  Future Battleground?

Machines are getting smarter all the time, and now people are talking about the ‘Doctor in your pocket’. This is all made possible by advances in ‘Artificial Intelligence’ that is equipping machines to ‘think like humans’, or in some areas, to out-think us.

Some of the big questions:

“What can these machines do?”,

“Will they be friend or foe?” and

“Can God help us face the challenges ahead?”

The speaker, Dr Kim Stansfield, is a Senior Lecturer in Systems Engineering at Warwick University, and has spent 25 years working on the development of robotic manufacturing, self-steering cars, business systems and sustainable energy systems.

18th November 2016

“Has science killed God?” with Lizzie Henderson

Has science killed God? An interesting question. Lizzie Henderson is young, a Cambridge science graduate and a Christian, and she will be helping us think about this question and other stuff at The Hive on Friday 18th November, from 7-9pm. She is an evolutionary biologist and will explore some of the key issues in the science-faith discussion, as well as answering your questions. 

The evening is free, but you need to book, by clicking HERE. If you’d like to send in your questions in advance, tweet us at @ReThinkWorcs, email info@rethinkworcester.co.uk or write to Re:Think, 4 Barbourne Terrace, Worcester WR1 3JS.